Essential Guide to Inventory Management

Guide to Inventory management is based on key responsibilities and duties of an inventory controller or manager. Take a deep look at the following guide to improving your inventory management skills.

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Sr No Chapter NameRead Time
1.Classification of Inventory Items10 min
2.Setup Procedures and Policy10 min
3.Methods of Inventory Management25 min
4.Inventory Analysis: Importance, Methods, and Best Practices20 min
5.Physical Cycle Count of Inventory6 min
6.Maintaining Safe Buffer Stock Levels8 min
7.Generating Various Stock Reports10 min
8.Inventory Receiving & Dispatch15 min
9.Purchasing Activities15 min
10.Costing of Inventory15min
11.Coordinating With Production20 min
12.Materials Planning and Forecasting15 min
13.Packing & Shipping of Inventory15 min
14.Efficient Storage Space Management25 min
15.Handling Damaged/Waste stock10 min
16.How to Seek Inventory Related Right Jobs10 min
Author : Sayyad Imran, Inventory Controller

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