Hand-picked Inventory Controller Course on Udamy

Good inventory control skills are required for inventory management jobs. Thanks to online education you can learn the basics to advance inventory control techniques. Learning via online courses is easy these days. Most of the courses are theoretical and video lectures followed by skill tests. Such courses are good enough to prepare you for your next inventory controller job. I have hand-picked a good Inventory controller course for you.

Inventory Controller Course

Inventory control is part of the inventory management job. To learn inventory skills here is the best handpicked online course. It will help you improve stock handling knowledge, and inventory basics, and optimize your supply chain safety stock. Simple to advanced methods. Reduce costs and risk in your business operations

Udemy.com is a leading online course provider on various topics. It offers thousands of courses from topic experts. The following are the benefits of doing an online course on udemy.

  • Affordable attractive beginners prices (from 7-12 USD per course)
  • Available in 65+ languages worldwide
  • No deadlines, flexible to learn
  • Its lifetime access and ease of use.
  • The diverse range of courses.

Here is handpicked course,

This inventory controller course is prepared by Edcorner Learning institution. They have offered 20+ such courses. Data shows that 190K+ students already benefitted. The course mentioned above has a 4.5-star rating given by previous students.

This course is for

  • Fresher looking for inventory control & management jobs
  • Managers in supply chain/ logistics/ procurement and operations department
  • Inventory and stock controllers /officers/clerks and coordinators
  • Warehouse and logistics supervisors/managers
  • Small business owners & their operation managers
  • People want to improve their inventory management skills

The course is designed to benefit everyone from beginner to intermediate. The course can also refresh the knowledge of experts. Course already tested by thousands of students coming from all expertise levels. The requirements for this course are as follows,

  • Eager to learn inventory management
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Basic knowledge of inventory, supply chain terms & company work environment

You will need a daily or weekly few hours to complete this 30+ hours long course. You have to keep revising the knowledge you learn after every chapter. You can have access to all videos and courses on mobile and tv as well. There is no time limit or deadline to finish this course once it is purchased.

What will you learn

  • You will learn the basics of inventory control & management
  • Inventory classification, problems, costs, cycles, and decisions
  • Selective inventory management, classification schemes, ABC analysis, and examples
  • Static inventory problems under risk, solution, and cost analysis with numerical examples
  • Static inventory problems under uncertainty, examples, and solution
  • Dynamic Inventory Problems under Certainty, analysis, formulation & solution, EOQ with example
  • Introduction of MRP, MRP 2 AND DRP and examples & examples
  • Purchasing management
  • Concept of constraints and materials management, production system
  • Value engineering/analysis and stores management
  • Logistics and supply chain management

see detailed course content.

What course reviews say

Its such an amazing course. Understandable explanations.
Good job

-Maratha I.

The course is relevant to my job description, educative since the ideas and skills I have so far acquired can be applied both theoretically and to a larger extent practically. I always use some of these ideas when it comes to material costing system.

Weboya I.

Its such an amazing course. Understandable explanations.
Good job

-Bode T.


This inventory controller course already helped more than 9,000 students worldwide. Available with 30 hours of on-demand videos which can be streamed over mobile or TV. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee on the purchase of this course.

Plus, in the end, you will get the course completion certificate.

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